Lenora, KS

  Lenora Elevator  
   9914 West Hwy 9  
   Lenora, KS 67645  
  785-567-4296 or 785-567-3132  
   Mon- Fri 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  
  • Liquid and Dry Fertilizer an Ag Chemicals
  • Custom application of dry, liquid, and chemicals , using some of the most technologically advanced equipment.
  • Blending of seed wheat and dry phosphate.
Fertilizer  Grain
 10-34-0         46-0-0  Wheat  E-10 Unleaded
32-0-0          11-52-0  Corn GHP Clear
28-0-0     Micro Nutrients Milo  24 Hour Fueling
  Soybeans Major credit cards accepted
 Feed & Supplies    
  Grain Capacity: 782,000 Bu.  
Office Manager: Branch Manager:      Propane Delivery: 
Peggy Ninemire Chad Brooks
     Richard Karnopp