Scholarship Recipients

2016 - Konner Witt, KeAnn Jacobs, Kaitlynn Fisher, Garen Beckman

2015 - Caitlin Shields, Landee McKenna, Rebecca Wentz, Troy Juenemann

2014 - Ashley Witt, Megan Kelley, Bailey Ambrosier, Hannah May

2013 - Kate Kelley, Ryan May, Clayton Beckman, Marlee McKenna

2012 - Kaelea Stoney, Blake Bergling, David Noren, Brent Juenemann

2011 - Jacob Larue, Jessica Riener, Sara Kyte, Audrey Basgall 

2010 - Kortnie Fisher, Erin Kelley, Tiffany Quaduor, Nolan Wasson

2009 - Drew Basgall, Jacinta Carter, Brian Linden, Jordan Tally

2008 - Kayla Zodrow, Alyssa Montgomery, Jared Marcuson, Jennifer Daffer

2007 - Kim Wessel, Marcus McKenna, Terry Urban Jr., & Marci Metcalf

2006 - Connie Gassmann & Jeremy Tally 

2005 - Jamie Elwood & Andrew Anderson

2004 - Rena Unger & Daniel Riener

2003 - Melissa Hillebrand & Ramsey Meitl

2002 - Alyssa Holste & Brent Olson  


1. The applicant must be a child of a member of the Decatur Cooperative Association.
2. Students must be a graduate of an area high school.
3. The applicant must have a 2.5 or above G.P.A. for all schoolwork above grade eight.
4. The scholarships will be merit based.
5. Shows respect for the students and citizens of the school and community.
6. Respects both public and private property.
7. Demonstrates leadership through active participation in school and community activities.
8. Shows reverence and concern for life.
9. Has demonstrated a desire to achieve excellence by good school attendance.

1. The scholarship is for $1,000 each.
2. Will have half sent to the student after registration and another half at the semester with proof of enrollment.
3. The scholarships awarded are for one year and can be reapplied for.
4. The scholarship winner will be determined by a scholarship committee consisting of members of the Decatur Cooperative Association chosen by the Board of Directors with representation from all areas.
5. Recipients will be announced at the annual meeting.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Instructions