Hogs limit up again, Old rules in Vouge?

Disclaimer here- I am jacked up on this pork situation. Gavalon TOOK ETHANOL CASH CORN ships PCN?

Do we believe this really trader wise? New highs is enough for me. Funds will buy in my opinion now is risk to bears. We have turned and it goes straight up. 800 in 5days.

Check the calls and px 90calls, up 80% ish.

I think everyone should buy lotto tickets to get em on the cards. DEC Hogs have a huge 3 yr. neckline breakout that projects to over 100 at least, and this might be biggest thing ever.

Buy any what? 250 pullback subject to change immediately. Let China take the stuff, corn too. Grain game boring but Im bullish corn, wheat, other spreads mentioned that may have bottomed for this cycle.

Same ND guy says bud in China said it is much worse. OK, NOW THE MARKET REALIZES IT.

Get on it or watch. I guess once a situation turns and this is a big big deal another tells me with pork supply. GAME ON in everything like I said a few months back. Lotto calls, scale down and get any bull bet on cards, calls?

Throw money away on calls. Seriously let the Pros manage this risk. Wheat- buy breaks with both hands along with corn, calls for the drought of extremes weather both ways.

NEB- Epic flooding you say? Bridges and dams damaged? I can't imagine being bearish corn $3.70corn. Sell cash beans and buy corn? TOL folks.
Chinese are good traders and they back out of everything. Let them buy the cash corn that was all ready to go for ethanol. Hey Dakotas, they shipping to far east?
Are cash beans still $5.80was it?

Stocks are or may be here. 3 of those candles in different looks? We did that imo last fall in stocks, maybe twice off mem. Fri am higher less bearish. Lets watch breath for clues. Nasd weakest. I have levels not much higher but over this 2826 high and pivotal going forward. Month end markup, hiball the close? 401k money buys up here weaker data?

These are going to be trading markets, inflationary buy extreme breaks theme as short funds push on string like 4.31 4.40 KCN.

HOGS- study what happened thurs in some of those calls we should have bought, thrown money away in retrospect. This is Contract high recognition phase to me now. Today. Buy hog calls. Im thinking 90c and sell higher strike on rally, or keep em naked long. I do have some OLs here but stops .35c in this rip snortin bull market that had to hit the olive 53 buy and clean the longs first. The number that hurts greatest # of traders.

Cotton levels and ideas available. Recent highs important next time.
Expect the unexpected and trade levels that hold or fold using stops.

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