• On Site Problem Solving

                        ° Weed Identification and Control          
                   ° Insect & Disease Identification and Control
                   ° Soil Fertility Analysis                  
                           * Soil Sampling is Available for a Nominal Fee          
                   ° Soil Conservation Related Concerns - Compaction, Stubble Management, etc.
                   ° Field Scouting 
                           * All Fields are Scouted Before and After Application Operations 
                           * Limited Scouting as Requested by our Customers

  • Seed Sales

                                    Star Seed    

  • Specialty Seed

                           Sharp Brothers

  • Fertilizer and Chemical Sales

                   ° Please See the 'Crop Production' Link for a List of Crop Production Products & Services 
                         * Fertilizer Recommendations                  
                         * Chemical Recommendations & Chemical Program Design                  
                         * Sales and Customer Support for All Major Agricultural Chemicals

  • Decatur Cooperatives Agronomist
Todd Thomson- Email: agronomist1@decaturcoop.net  Phone:785-470-7286


      Our services include recommending the use of and application of crop protection chemicals in a safe and efficient manner.  In cases where performance does not meet customer expectations, claims must be made promptly!  Most ag chemical companies require notification within a 30 day period after application in order for a claim to be considered.  Problems with any ag chemical application must be reported to your respective Agronomy office of Decatur Cooperative no later than thirty days from the date of application.  Notification as soon as possible is best so appropriate rescue operations can be performed.

                     Decatur Cooperative Agronomy Management